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“The Latina in me is an ember that blazes forever.”

- Justice Sonia Sotomayor


We created this podcast to amplify that truth,
and we invite you to join us as we fan the flames.

Our Story

Diana and Maria have known each other since 2011 when Diana was a recent law school graduate and have been friends and supporters of each other ever since.

For years, it's been a common topic of conversation between them that there aren't enough Hispanics and Latinx in top positions at law firms, in-house legal departments, government agencies, universities, or corporate boards - the stats are alarming. Diana and Maria also talked about the many labels imposed on them and others of their community - Hispanics, Latinx, Latinas - and how the labels reflect the lack of understanding of a true identity.

Now, Diana and Maria want to put it on the record - they want to make a record that captures the voices of many Hispanics and Latinx leaders.  Diana and Maria want to change how the community is perceived by giving you access to leaders and their thoughts about the unspoken rules, leadership, mentorship, sponsorship, and allyship.  

Through this podcast, Diana and Maria hope to bring some fresh oxygen to your blazing ember.


Diana and Maria's podcast highlights Hispanic and Latinx voices in the business and legal world. Listen as they discuss the importance of leadership, allyship, mentorship and sponsorship, and the impact of diversity, equity, and inclusion on the community.


It would be impossible for us to launch this endeavor without the support of our familias and the large community that believes in us and our vision. We express heartfelt thanks to our loved ones who have encouraged us in this many months-long pandemic journey.

Un abrazo grande to the many old and new friends who have agreed to share their leadership, life stories and experiences with us, and for allowing us to amplify their voices. Without you, there would be no “Blazing Ember” podcast!

Also, we want to acknowledge the love and time given to us by:

  • Adrienne Garcia, who has cheered us on and very willingly worked with us on our first test episodes,

  • Robert Concepcion Jr., who provided us a space to work on our social media,

  • David Rioswhose artwork inspired our logo and whose perspective has been a part of Diana’s life since college, and

  • Rolland Smithfor working his photography magic on us and giving so much of his time.

From Diana

Thank you to my amazing husband, JP, for his unwavering support of all that I do, and my children, who inspire me to leave this world a better place.  Gracias to my parents and my brother for encouraging me to embrace my many passions. And thank you to my friends, who share my wishes for positive change and support me through life’s big and small challenges. You are all my eternal rocks.

From Maria

Mil gracias to my children for supporting my desire to continue mentoring and supporting lawyers of color and to my mom and my sister for being outspoken advocates of my success. And to my amazing sisterhood and brotherhood of friends who show up when I need them and acknowledge the need for Latinx to be more prominent, you allow me to continue persisting through all the noise. Finally, to papi who was my Northern Star and who I feel encouraging every day, te quiero viejito.

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