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Meet Your Hosts

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Some of my superpowers are being an empathetic decision-maker, bold trailblazer, and positive thinker. 

Diana G. Santos

I have been practicing law for over 13 years in New York City’s most prominent law offices, smaller non-profit organizations, and now, at a large, global technology corporation, where I enjoy working on artificial intelligence issues. I studied engineering in college and graduate school to satisfy my inquisitive nature and desire to find practical solutions to challenging problems. I am a proud graduate of Cooper Union, UPenn, Fordham Law, and Paris II - Panthéon-Assas, and have received a few certificates on different topics like negotiation skills from Harvard Law School's Executive Education program.

I am a curious person who enjoys learning. I look at the glass half-full (and perhaps sometimes as overflowing) and embrace positivity. I like people and believe in the power of a growth mindset because it drives improvements and progress on every level.

Regardless of the hat I wear, I am a mentor and advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion. So, if you’re looking for someone who likes to talk about real issues and tangible ways to problem solve, I’m here.

P.S.:  Wish me and my friend Maria luck on this podcast. We’re two women striving to leave the world a better place than we found it and empower our listeners to do good.

Maria E. Fernandez

After graduating from Cornell Law School, I started my career at a big tech company. During my time there, I provided legal support to various divisions and was the General Counsel for the Latin American division for seven years. I also played a key role in enhancing the company's compliance team. Subsequently, I transitioned to Direct Energy in Houston, where I became the Chief Compliance Officer.

I am back in New York and was recently appointed as the New York State Deputy Secretary of Education, Office of Governor Hochul. I get to implement the Governor's vision on education from Pre-K to through advanced degrees, including New York's Tuition Assistance Program (TAP). I also am an Adjunct Professor at Fordham Law School, teaching in their Compliance LLM program.

Throughout my career, I've been passionate about making workplaces more diverse and inclusive. I enjoy mentoring students of color and helping to remove barriers in the legal field. I also believe in addressing unconscious bias and making sure that the voices of Hispanic and Latinx communities are heard.

As a natural extrovert, I find great pleasure in spending time with my loved ones, indulging in music, appreciating art, and cooking for big groups of people. I firmly believe that life is precious and short, and as such, I strive to make the most of it by relishing in the things that bring me joy. This podcast combines my professional passions with my personal interests.  And I am lucky to have the best podcast co-host. 

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Some of my superpowers are cutting through chaos, being authentic and transparent, and building empowered, high-performing, proactive, and inclusive teams.


Diana Santos

Experienced Technology Attorney

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Maria Fernandez

Education Warrior, Compliance Leader, and Legal Executive

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The postings on this site and the podcast episodes reflect a combination of Diana's and Maria's personal views and experiences, and do not represent the positions, strategies, or opinions of our current or former employers or organizations.

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